Artist at Work

Wade Hart

Wade has been drawing since he was a child, he spent hours drawing different subjects and was aware from a very young age of his talent. He took Art at school, and passed with top marks.

Over the years Wade has had several jobs in which his creative flare has come in handy. He has created company logos, business cards, graphic art and has had several commission jobs over the years, including a backdrop for a stage production.

Wade specialises in photo realism and can draw any subject. He mostly works in pencil but has drawn and painted other work in colour. The work he creates is done with precise detail, and is mostly accomplished through a magnifying glass to help achieve the intricate detail.

Wade is available for commission work. Please feel free to contact him via the contact page to discuss your requirements and he will prepare you a professional quote, or if you prefer he will be able to give you an estimate over the phone.

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